Yacht Hire Antibes

Would you like to please yourself by chartering a yacht in Antibes? We will explain everything you need to know.

The different types of yacht

The yachts we offer you differ in length, and they are all beautifully built. You will be delighted with their driving quality and their equipment.
With lengths ranging from 9 metres to nearly 20 metres, our top-of-the-range yachts can accommodate 6 to 12 passengers in comfort. These star cruisers lend themselves to all sorts of festive occasions with family or friends (birthdays, family reunions, etc.), or simply to enjoying the best sea trips!
They are perfect for day trip rental, or, if they have a cabin, for a few magical and relaxing days and nights. The larger models can offer one to three cabins, with integral kitchenette and shower, and can be supplied with a skipper and all the equipment for fishing, diving and water skiing you could wish for.

The following range includes a fleet of both sailing and motor yachts, with a length between 20 and 40 metres. For large groups or those who love space, they can accommodate between 6 and 28 passengers. The most popular models are supplied with two crew members.

Yachts from 40 to 60 metres, with sails or motors, can accommodate about ten passengers and have a number of comfortable cabins in proportion to this number of guests. They lend themselves to long journeys in optimal comfort on the beautiful blue Mediterranean. The crew can include about ten people. Finally, yachts of 60 metres and over lend themselves to wider, boundless dreams, or, for example, company events (end of year celebrations for managers for example). They can accommodate between 12 and 30 passengers in extremely comfortable conditions. The beautiful coasts of the Antibes region will be yours, and yours alone!

Yacht charter in Antibes

Antibes, a pearl in a sun-drenched setting, boasts a magnificent bay. It offers its beauty to anyone who wants to take advantage of it, if you bring your marine adventure plans to life using our services. We will pay the utmost attention to your requests.

Your cruise project will allow you to explore the horizon, beyond the superb view that see from the Villa Eilenroc or the Sentier de Douaniers, the customs officers' path. Our experience and a high-quality fleet are at your disposal to meet the most demanding requirements. We are waiting to hear from you! And we will know how to satisfy you.

All you need to do is to visit us in Antibes, or to send us your requests by email or by phone. We are ready and willing to meet your expectations and will guide you in your choice of yacht, equipment, activities and even sailing courses. All you have to do is contact us, and your maritime adventure, be it for sports, events or relaxation, will be a success for you and your loved ones! You will leave them with unforgettable memories.